17th century Portrait of Children

17th century Portrait of Children

18th century portrait of the younger children of Giacomo Lomellini, Doge of Genoa 1625-1627 – After Van Dyke
The original version of this painting by Van Dyke of the family hangs in the National Gallery of Scotland and is considered as being one of his finest works.
Doge Lomellini was famous for implementing a famous defence project of the capital of Genoa – a substantial city wall from the San Benigno hill at the mouth of the Bisagno stream, a work that was the basis of the “New Walls”. In December, 1626 the doge laid the foundation stone and in the following years there were many donations from individuals, corporations, and the arts, to which were added the new taxes specifically designed to support the walls’ construction, paid for by the middle and less wealthy classes. The amount collected, approximately 2,100,000 Genoese pounds, did not serve to cover the entire construction, but was the basis for starting the works. His term as Doge ended on 25 June 1627, and Lomellini was elected from January 1628 to 1630 as head of the war magistrate. In 1634 he was in the office of the magistrate of Corsica and in 1637, and again in 1644, he led the commission of the State Inquisitor of the Republic of Genoa. In 1645 and until his death he took part in the direction of the restoration and modification of the Doge’s Palace. Lomellini died in Genoa on April 1, 1652.
Anthony Van Dyke (1599-1641) – Born in Antwerp to prosperous parents. Antoon van Dyck’s talent was evident and he became an independent painter around 1615, setting up a workshop with Jan Breugel the Younger. Within a few years he became the chief assistant to Peter Rubens, the dominant master painted of the whole of Northern Europe. He lived a good part of his early life in Genoa, although he moved to London to be granted citizenship by Charles I who commissioned Van Dyck to paint several portraits. The portrait of Charles I in three positions (1635-36) is one of the most famous images.
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